These factors will affect the color fastness of digital printing

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With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements on textiles, especially clothing. Among them, the color fastness of textiles is the most concerned. The color fastness of textiles refers to the discoloration of dyed or printed fabrics during use or processing under the influence of external factors (such as extrusion, friction, washing, exposure, etc.). Fastness is an important indicator for testing fabrics.
Good fastness, the textile is not easy to fade in daily use; poor color fastness, it is easy to blooming, fading, staining and so on. Therefore, we need to test the various factors that affect the color fastness of textiles, so that the printed fabrics can achieve the desired results. The following is to analyze several factors that affect the color fastness of digital printing.

1.The fabric
The surface of the fabric is relatively rough, and its color fastness is relatively poor. Under dry conditions, on the surface of rough or fleece-like fabrics, some of the fibers on the surface are easily broken to form colored particles, which will fall off after friction, resulting in a further decrease in color fastness.
Secondly, untreated cotton fibers swell under wet conditions, which reduces the strength of the fibers and reduces the color fastness of the fabric.
2.Dyeing factor
Some experiments have shown that the color fastness of reactive dyed fabrics is also closely related to the depth of dyeing. In simple terms, when dyeing in dark colors, the concentration of dye used is high, which easily exceeds the saturation value of the fabric. Combined to form a floating color on the surface of the fabric, resulting in the bottom of the color fastness, and the phenomenon of color fading and blooming after friction occurs.
3.Printing machine and dye factors
For digital printing to have better color fastness, first of all, in the choice of printing machine, we must choose the best. After 13 years of ups and downs,Stormjet printing machine has become the benchmark for domestic digital printing machine. It is better than the industry’s performance in terms of machine performance and output effect. So more trustworthy.
Secondly, in the choice of dyes, reactive printing dyes use printing patterns formed by dyes penetrating into fabrics, and coating dyes are dyed to fabrics through intermediate adhesives. Therefore, reactive printing has higher color fastness than washing with coating dyes. It is safe and environmentally friendly to use.
Stormjet Printing Machine

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