Matters for safe operation of Stormjet printing machine

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As a relatively precise printing device, the large format printing machine has a lot of Matters that need attention during the use. With this knowledge, you can safely and correctly operate the large format printing machine and ensure the normal operation.
1. Don't try to disassemble and repair the printing machine by yourself
2. If the printing machine produces abnormal noise, smoke, temperature rise, strange odor, or other abnormal functions, immediately turn off the power, unplug the power cord, and then contact the manufacturer.
3. Do not use flammable objects or similar products around the printer machine.
4. Before moving the printer machine, make sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord.
5. Always use the power switch to turn off the printing machine. When this key is pressed, the power will be cut off. Do not unplug the photo machine or data cable until the power is turned off.
6. Make sure the printhead is fixed in the initial position before moving the printing machine.
7. Do not engage in any cleaning and maintenance work before turning off the power and unplugging the power socket.
8. When the printing machine is in operation, do not touch any power components and printheads.
9, at least once a year, remove dust and debris around the power plug and power outlet.
Stormjet Large Format Printing Machine

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