How to solve the problem of vertical lines in the use of digital textile printing machine?

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In the daily use of the digital textile printing machine, you may also encounter many of the same failures as inkjet printer, such as the problem of poor image quality when printing the picture.And vertical lines appear in the print is a more common problem.
For the vertical lines that appear in the print, it is most likely that the encoder strip is out of order. You can carefully check the encoder strip to see if it is dirty or the ink drops are stuck on it or scratched. Clean up and replace to test. In addition, there are the following points,you can refer to them.
1. Check the height of the encoder strip decoder from the encoder sensor. The top edge of the encoder strip is preferably 1mm-1.5mm away from the sensor.
2. Wipe the inside and outside of the encoder strip where the vertical thin lines appear. Wipe with medical cotton and pure water.
3. If the above two situations are invalid,please re-plug the data cable of the printhead, the cable of the car board and the main board.
4. If the above three cases are invalid.,please replace the main board or car board.
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