How to maintain Fedar sublimation printer?

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 Since the development of the digital printing industry, the progress has been very great. Not only is the printing speed getting faster and faster, the printing accuracy is also getting higher and higher. Fedar focus on the development and promotion of printing machines. So far, it has launched FD1900, TC1932, 5193E, 6194E, 6196E, 6198E. With the continuous expansion of the market, after-sales maintenance is becoming increasingly important. So how to maintain digital printing Machine?

First, the maintenance of the nozzle
1. Do not install the data cable without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power.
2. Pay attention to the strength of the hand during the replacement of printhead
3. Regularly clean the printhead
4. Replace damper regularly
5. Do not mix two different inks during the printing process;
6, try to use good materials, bad materials are easy to erode the nozzle
Second, keep a clean environment
1. The room must be dust-proof and cannot be placed in an environment that is prone to smoke and dust.
2, try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment, the temperature is about 25 degrees, the humidity is about 60%;

Third, the maintenance and maintenance of machine parts
1. Regularly overhaul and maintain some important parts, replace the wear and tear and repair in time;
2. It is necessary to develop a good habit of inspection on a daily basis, pay attention to observe the printing effect when printing, and solve problems in time.
 The price of high-speed digital printers is relatively high, and basically belongs to industrial-grade printers suitable for large-scale large-scale production. Once put into production, it is a printing task that lasts for very long hours. Therefore, the maintenance of the machine is even more important during weekdays.
Fedar sublimation printer

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