Causes of photo machine prints rendering pictures

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When using printer machines, users sometimes encounter rendering pictures, which not only affects the efficiency of photo machines but also wastes printing supplies, which greatly affects the user experience of printer machines.The following is the reason and solution for it.
1. Using inferior ink. In this case, it is difficult to print a perfect picture even if the printed picture is not rendering. Therefore, it is recommended to use ink produced by the original manufacturer of the Stormjet dress printer machine.
2. If the ink in the ink tube or ink cartridge generates air bubbles, it is also easy to cause abnormal printing, so pay attention to it, and stop printing immediately if you find any abnormality.
3. The temperature change of the working environment is also a common factor that causes the picture of the printer machine to be rendered, so it is necessary to provide a suitable working environment for the Stormjet dress printer machine to avoid the working environment temperature being too high or too low.
4. The picture of the Stormjet dress printer machine is rendered due to printhead clogging. At this time, the printhead needs to be cleaned.
5. The viscosity of the ink has changed. The viscosity of the ink should be adjusted before printing work.
Stormjet Dress Printer Machine

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