What should I do if there is something wrong with the printer paper stepping system?

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Any machine that has been used for a long time will cause various problems. For printing machine users, if they encounter various problems in daily use, it is best to solve them immediately. Stepping paper is one of the most basic links. However, when the printing machine has been used for a long time, there may be some unexpected situations, such as not stepping paper.So what is the reason and what is the solution?

First, we must understand the working principle of the stepper motor of the printing machine. A stepper motor is an induction motor. Its working principle is to use electronic circuits to convert DC power to time-sharing power supply. Multi-phase sequential control current is used to power the stepper motor so that it can work normally. The driver is a time-phase power supply for stepper motors.The stepper motor controls the paper feed. Once the stepper motor fails, it may cause the step paper have problems. So we can start to check and troubleshoot from these four points.

1.Stepper motor failure. The whole paper feeding process of the printing machine is driven by a stepper motor. When the stepper motor fails, such as damage to the main board and sensor failure, it will cause the problem that the printing machine does not step. At this time, the motor needs to be inspected, maintained or replaced.
2.The paper feed system of the printing machine is abnormal. In general, when there is debris on the feed platform,the printer will not feed paper. In addition, when the paper feeder does not work, the paper feed machine will also be abnormal.At this time, you need to check the paper feeding system, clean up the abnormal links and replace the faulty parts.
3.Press roller problem. There is a part in the printer machine called "press roller", which is to ensure that the paper is smooth and not skewed. However, when the platen roller does not rotate, the pressure is too tightly or too loosely, the paper machine will not feed the paper smoothly, or even the paper does not feed. At this time, test to see if there is any problem with the platen roller, and adjust or replace it in time.
4.Platen problem. When the printing machine presses too tightly, it will cause the paper not smoothly, and even the paper may not feed. At this time, the pressing sheet needs to be loosened to ensure smooth paper feeding.

Paper Stepping System

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