What is the reason for the color difference in printer printing?

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The color difference may appear when the photo printing machine prints, but many people do not know what causes it. The following is a summary of some common reasons.
1. Calibrate the photo machine to the ideal condition to solve the color management compatibility problems of various image input and output.After the ICC color curve calibration, the color accuracy of the photo printing machine can be improved and closer to the original. Even if the printing machine use the same paper and ink, the printer in new machine status,the mid-term or end-stage status have different color performance. Therefore, ICC color management is needed to make ICC curves for different models of equipment, different inks, and different papers, and rely on the curves as compensation.
2, Because different color photo printing machine have different model characteristics (printing language, consumable characteristics, imaging principle, etc.), they also have different color performances;
3, Even if the photo printing machine is the same brand, using different media (different brands, different grams), different inks, because the media and ink matching adsorption degree is different, the picture output effect is not the same.

Stormjet Printing Color Difference

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