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  • UV roll to roll printer
  • UV roll to roll printer
  • UV roll to roll printer
  • UV roll to roll printer

R3200E Industrial Roll to Roll UV Printer

Print Width:3200mm
Print Material :Roll to Roll
Printhead Type:GEN5(7 PL)
Ink Color :CMYK+W+Varnish
Resolution :2400DPI
Color Control:ICC profile
Curing System :LED UV system
Feeding Media System :Auto Feeding and Taking up system

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High Quality Printing Effect 
1,Gray Scale Printing 
The printed image is more delicate and brighter,which improves the expressiveness of the picture,it is more real and with a great vision impact.
2,Intelligent Feather Printing Technology 
The unique intelligent feather printing technology can improve the curable reflective stripes which occurred in the printing process,so that the printing quality can reach the ideal state.
3, Varnish Effect 
Through its precise control system and prefect mechanical precision,the printer makes varnish print on the image with Concave and Convex impression which offer clients amazing visual effect.Not only is the price low,the process is simple,but also can be full of varnish or can be partially varnished.
4, 3D Effect
The printer can print on the transparent film with 3D effect to make your advertising picture different and attractive.

Simple Operation Application
1,Anti Ink-falling system when power off
Equipped with negative and positive ink controlling system,each color ink can be controlled separately,which helps save ink during printhead maintenance.
2,Accurate Suction Control with Printing Table 
Suction from printing table is adjustable,it will avoid media wrinkle and keep printing resolution.
3,Ink Lack Alarm System Device
Main ink tank equipped with automatic alarm system,and alarm light will flash when the ink is lack.
4,Data Statistics
After each picture is printed completely,the computer automatically statistics the amount of ink consumption,the printing time,the area and so on.

Printe Details
1,Igus Brand Carrier Chain 
Super Precision with low friction noise.
2,High Accuracy Inflatable Media Take-up Roller
Media stepping strctching tension is adjustable to keep media going accuately.
3,THK High Precision Mute Linear Rail
Greatly reduce noise during carriage moving and improve linear rail smooth-going,use life and lubricating efficiency.
4,High Precisioin Heavy Roller
Mulit-poing supporting heavy roller,which will make sure the pressure and stepping are uniform always.
5,Ricoh Gen5 Printhead
Type:Gen5, 7pl, printing speed is up to 45sqm/h,resolution is up to 2400DPI,The image is exquisite and the effect is amazing.



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