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  • SC-4180UV
  • SC-4180UV
  • SC-4180UV
  • SC-4180UV


Model :SC4180UV
Printhead:Epson DX5/EPS3200
Number of printhead :2
Resolution :1440DPI
Color gamut:16.7 million
Colors:Double CMYk; W+CMYK
Ink type:LED-UV Curing ink
Printing speed:32sqm/h, 4 pass

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 Eight Characteristics:
1,Epson DX5 Printhead
Adopting Epson DX5 printhead,variable droplet technology,1440DPI,high resolution output.
2,THK Guide Line
Adopting original THK silent guide,which makes printer more stable even at a high speed.Long working life.
3,Imported Cartridge Capping Station 
Clean,pump and moisturize automatically,which can pump ink well and keep the ink flow fluently.
4,Compatible with different RIP software
Compatible with RIP software,Maintop,Photoprint,Onyx etc.
5,Leadshine Motor
Dual-direction imported motor,high resolution driver,linear encoder,higher resolution in length,more stable running.
6,Intelligent Eclosion Printing
Unique two-dimension intellignet eclosion and wave function,eliminating BANDING effectively during printing,improving print quality obviously.
7,Secondary Ink Supply System
Long time ink supply system improves working efficency,and ensures image output quality.
8,Double Power Take Up System
Double power take up system high resolution frosted feeding shaft.Make sure high precision of feeding system.

1,Dual direction motor,high-resolution dirver linear encoder, fewer errors in length,more stable running. 
2,USB port more convenient,highest speed 480M/S,and it offers next work interface for printing in different places.
3,Epson DX5 printhead with 8*180 nozzles,achieving 1440DPI high-resolution output.
4,VSDT variable dot technology,smallest droplet is3.5pl, largest droplet is 27pl,achieving prefect printing.
5,Unique planar feather function and wave feather function,eliminating BANDING during printing,achieving excellent quality and perfect imporvement.
6,Multi-mode print option,common production mode can reach to high-speed of 15m²/h,faster on speed and higher on resolution.
7,Own most advanced EPSON intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device,providing safe convenient printhead cleaning and maintaining function,easy to print.



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