• Skycolor SC-2513
  • Skycolor SC-2513
  • Skycolor SC-2513
  • Skycolor SC-2513
  • Skycolor SC-2513

Flatbed SC-2513Printer

Printhead :Ricoh Gen5 Grey Scale Micropiezo Printhead
Printhead Quantity :2-8
Print Width :2500*1300mm
Max Media Thickness :100mm
Ink Type :Environment UV Curing Ink
Ink Color :Standrad:C M Y K, Optional:LC LM W V(glass oil)
Ink Supply System :Auto Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

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High Quality Printing Effect
1,Intelligent Feather Printing Technology 
The unique intelligent feather printing technology can improve the curable reflective stripes which occurred in the printing process,so that the printing quality can reach teh ideal state.
2,Gray Scale Printing
Printer is equipped with Ricoh Gen5 Grey Scale industrial Printhead,Min.Ink volume is 7PL only.It can print 2PT size words as to reach the photo level print quality.
3,Rich Color Performance
Achieve 5 color printing(CMYK+White) and 7 color printing(CMYK,LC,LM+White) with photo grade quality
4,Varnish Effect
Through its precise control system and perfect mechanical precision,the printer makes varnish print on the image with Concave and Convex impression which offer clients amazing visual effect.Not only isthe price low,the process is simple,but also can be full of varnish or can be partially vanished.

Simple Operation Application:
1,White Ink Circulation System
To keep double functions which are the white ink main tank intermittent mixing and pipeline real-time circulation work,as to keep the white ink flow all time and prevent pigment precipitation,avoid ink system failure.
2,Suction Power Adjustable
Vacuum power with each suction zone can be adjusted base on different types media,it helps move the different weight of media easily.
3,Partition Printing 
In different printing area to print on different types media,which will save time because of media change,so that improve the printing capacity within unit time.
4,Data Statistics
After each picture is printed completely,the computer automatically statistics the amount of ink comsumption,the printing tiem,the area and so on.


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