Printhead :Epson 5113/DX5/EPS3200
Quantity :3
Ink type:Water-based ink;eco solvent ink;sublimation ink
Printhead Clean:Auto cleaning, flash and moisturizing
Print Media:PP,PVC,Vinyl,Backlit,Mesh,etc
Max Printing Width:1800mm
RIP Software:Maintop/Photoprint/ONYX

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1,New appearance,more luxury,more useful design and easy to operate.
2,Standard configuration with intelligent dryer system,auto-sync between heating and carriage moving,6 types of temp. can be selected.
3,Adopt sub-tank ink supply system,make sure long time printing,more stable.
4,Adopt multi-row pinch roller made of American rubber eliminating statics,high printing quality and accurate media feeding.
5,Auto-tension take-up system,more efficient,and use anti-collision system to protect the printhead.
6,Compatible with different RIP software,Maintop,Photoprint,Onyx,etc
7,Adopt international standard socket,with electrical leakage protector,making the pritner more safe during work.
8,Adopt THK mute linear guide,which makes the printer more stable,longer working life,lower noise.
9,Bi-direction Leadshine motor,which is linear decoded,high resolution,low length error,more stable.
10,Mainboard is compsed of imported chips,8-layer design for PCB board,more stable and more working time.

 Advantages of EPS3200 head:
1. With 3200 nozzles(8*400), printing speed can reach 80Sqm/H with 2 heads, it’s with higher speed and higher resolution than Dx5.
2. EPS3200 adopts TFP technology, smallest droplet is 2.5pl, variable dots technology, can ensure perfect high resolution printing effect.
3. EPS3200 head is available for water-based ink, eco solvent ink, solvent ink, sublimation ink, UV ink, pigment ink, it’s widely used in printing industry.
4. EPS3200 is MUCH CHEAPER than Dx5. Head replacement cost will be cheaper.
5. We are the only supplier of this head's decode board in China, that means all factories must take decode board from us.



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