• SJ-7160S/7180TS
  • SJ-7160S/7180TS
  • Large Format Printer
  • Large Format Printer
  • Large Format Printer


Printhead Technology:EPSON DX5/EPS3200
Ink Type:Water-Based; Eco-Solvent-Based
Colors:Double Four Color
Number of Nozzles:(180 Nozzles×8 Lines) 1/2 Head as optional
Printing Materials:Flex Banner,Vinyl,PVC,Backlit,Canvas,Flag
RIP software:Maintop5.3/Photoprint10.5/Onyx
Operating system:WindowXP,Win7/8

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1.Double four-color printing,1.6m and 1.8m wide format output
2.Indoor and outdoor ink are both available, meeting different printing needs.
3.Multi-row pinch rollers ensure the machine can print with an accurate size of feeding media.
4.Printing resolution can reach to 1440dpi,even the word is small as 0.5mm.
5.Three different sizes of dots,achieving the complement of images,even under high speed or low resolution

 Advantages of EPS3200 head:
1. With 3200 nozzles(8*400), printing speed can reach 80Sqm/H with 2 heads, it’s with higher speed and higher resolution than Dx5.
2. EPS3200 adopts TFP technology, smallest droplet is 2.5pl, variable dots technology, can ensure perfect high resolution printing effect.
3. EPS3200 head is available for water-based ink, eco solvent ink, solvent ink, sublimation ink, UV ink, pigment ink, it’s widely used in printing industry.
4. EPS3200 is MUCH CHEAPER than Dx5. Head replacement cost will be cheaper.
5. We are the only supplier of this EPS3200 head's decode board in China, that means all factories must take decode board from us.

1,Hiwin guide rail,more stable,longer working life,lower noise.
2,Imported dual direction motor,high-resolution driver linear encoder,higher resolution,fewer errors in length,more stable running.
3,Hi USB interface,transmission speed can reach to 480M/S,plug and play conveniently.
4,Adopt EPSON DX5 printhead,variable dots technology,1440DPI high resolution output.
5,VSDT variable droplet techonology,the smallest droplet is 3.5PL,largest droplet is 27PL,achieve the prefect printing quality.
6,Unique two-dimension intelligent eclosion and wave-eclosion function,elimination banding effectively in printing,improveing printing quality obviously.
7,Different kinds of printing mode,reach to 28m² per hour in production mode.
8,High quality,clean,pump and moisturize automatically,which can also pump ink well and keep the ink flow fluently.
9,Four large ink reservoirs provide ink durably,keeping wide format high-speed printing wonderfully.
10,Adopt the most recommended ink in advertising industry,achieving fast drying,moisture-proofing and sticky-proofing.

Mode SJ-7160S/7180TS
Printhead Technology EPSON DX5/DX7
Ink Type Water-Based; Eco-Solvent-Based
Colors Double Four Color
Number of Nozzles (180 Nozzles×8 Lines) 1/2 Head as optional
Height of Head Print 2-5 mm (Variable)
Media Feeding Method Multi-Pinch Rollers Feeding System
Color Management ICC Based, Density & Curves Adjustment
Computer System Windows XP, Windows7 and Windows8
Power Supply 50HZ/60HZ, 220V, 10A
Humidity 40%-60%
Maximum Printing Width 1520mm/1800mm
Printing Resolution & Speed(Below for 2 head, 1head is half speed)
360×720 DPI 4Pass 34 m2/H
360×1080 DPI 6Pass 26 m2/H
720×1440 DPI 8Pass 20 m2/H


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