The choice of printing ink generally has three points

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First, printing ink color choice. According to customer needs and the type of fabric, you can choose four-color ink, six-color ink, eight-color ink, etc. In general, the more ink colors, the better the color saturation and color effect of printing, which also directly determines the color type of the printing machine. Stormjet series of textile inkjet printing machines can support four, six, eight color effect.

Second, the type of printing ink selection. Printing ink generally have reactive ink, acid ink, disperse ink, pigment ink and so on. Ink types generally according to the material of the fabric to choose. Stormjet's full range of models are equipped with different types of special inks to effectively ensure the compatibility of the printing and provide users with integrated color management solutions.

Third, the of brand and model of ink. Generally speaking, ink is developed for the brand and model of the nozzle, when choosing ink to pay attention to whether applicable to the printer nozzle model. In addition, the fluidity of ink, bright-coloured degree, fixation degree, environmental protection degree, etc. , are ink selection to consider.

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