Talking about the difference between the application of sublimation printer and uv flatbed printer

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 In the advertising industry, many people are familiar with sublimation printer and UV flatbed printer.Sublimation printer are the most important print output equipment in the advertising industry, and UV flatbed machines are a technology that prints through ultraviolet rays for harder plates. Today, Stormjet UV flatbed printer manufacture discusses the differences and advantages of the two.

First is the sublimation printer, which is used as the main printing output equipment in the advertisement inkjet printing industry and is also an indispensable printing equipment in advertisement production. Especially, piezoelectric printer is widely used in other industries besides the traditional advertisement printing application, such as wallpaper decoration, oil painting, thermal transfer of leather and cloth, etc.

There are many media that can be printed by sublimation printer. It can be said that all soft media (such as coils) can be perfectly printed as long as the thickness is less than the maximum height of the printhead. However, if it is a hard material, the printing is not applicable, because the printing platform cannot be used to print hard and thick materials.

The Stormjet UV flatbed printer can be said to be a new product. Its appearance can be compatible with more printing materials. The image printed by UV ink is three-dimensional, realistic and the printed pattern is colorful, with waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance, fadeless and other characteristics. At the same time,the UV ink is suitable for soft and hard materials. The UV ink is not subject to any material restrictions and can be used for color photo printing on the surface of wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, cloth, rice paper and other textiles.

Whether it is a simple block-color pattern, a full-color pattern or a pattern with transition colors, it can be printed at one time without the plate making, plate printing and repeated color matching, and the application field is very wide.

UV flatbed printing is to apply a layer of protective gloss on the product, so as to ensure the brightness and avoid moisture corrosion, friction and scratches. Therefore, the printed product has a longer service life and is actually more environmentally friendly to use.
Application of Sublimation Printer

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