5 skills that enable printing colors to meet customer requirements

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 It is very difficult for the colors produced by digital printing machine to be perfectly restored. Different computer screens will make small difference in color. In addition, digital printing will also be affected by temperature and humidity, so it is inevitable that the output printing has a color deviation, then if you want the color to perfectly meet customer requirements, you can follow the methods.

1. Use the software
Professional image monitors can generally cooperate with professional color management software for screen calibration, set the parameters according to the requirements, measure the Lab value of the color blocks displayed by the software with a colorimeter, and then the software generates a color profile for the monitor.
2. Control the temperature and humidity of the production workshop
Digital printing is greatly affected by temperature and humidity, so maintaining a good temperature and humidity will also help to restore the color of the printing. The recommended working environment requires the indoor temperature to reach 20℃~35℃ and the humidity to be controlled at 35%~65%.
3. Use the same batch of fabric
If the batch of fabric and the batch of sizing are different, it will also have a great impact on the color of the print, so in the production process, try to choose the same batch of fabric for production printing.
4. Use the not same printer to print production
The production of digital printing cannot produce the same product on different machines, because the density, stability, ink volume control and curve of different machines are different, so if you change the machine directly without adjustment, there will be errors. of.
5. Use appropriate digital printing auxiliary to assist in adjusting the vividness of colors
Direct textile digital printing sizing requires the use of a lot of additives to help the printout meet the requirements in both hand and color. The use of appropriate printing color enhancers can improve the textile feel, color vividness, and pattern clarity.
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