Precautions for installation of UV flatbed printer

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 Recently, many customers asked how to install UV flatbed printers, and what issues should be paid attention to during installation. The following Stormjet flatbed printing machine manufacturers summarized a few points for your reference.

1. Move the flatbed uv printing machine to a spacious, clean and level working place without direct sunlight. Unscrew the fixed column of the machine casters to fix the machine to the ground without shaking;
2. The voltage used by the UV printer is 220V, please install an independent leakage switch (80A), connect the power cord (10 square line) of the device to the leakage switch, and connect one end of the ground wire to the device shell, and the other one end is well grounded;
3. In order to ensure a stable voltage, please equip the stormjet flatbed uv printer with a separate voltage regulator, the specification is 220V-15KW;
4. Open the door of the electrical box, and insert the square end of the USB data cable into the main board in the electrical box, and the flat end into the USB3.0 port of your computer (do not plug or unplug the data cable when it is turned on to avoid damage to the device).
5. Open the ink tank, add each color ink to the corresponding ink bottle, do not add the wrong color, the ink height is 3/4 of the ink carriage.
Stormjet Flatbed Printing Machine

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