Factors affecting the speed of UV flatbed printer

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 Today let us discuss the speed of the Stormjet UV flatbed printer. The printing speed is determined by many factors, and the core factors are mainly three: the grade and quantity of the printhead, the width of the printing, and the board system of the uv printer.

Grade and number of printheads: each printhead has a different series, divided into low, middle and high end, etc., so there is no absolute comparison between nozzles, the key depends on the specific model. The easiest way to judge is the price of the printhead. Under normal circumstances, the more expensive the printhead, the faster the printing speed.

Printed width: For stormjet flatbed printers, the larger the printed width, the less the distance and number of swings back and forth, and the data will be much improved. It's like we use a brush to paint the wall, the wider the brush, the faster the painting.

Board card system of the stormjet uv flatbed printer: this is a core factor affecting the speed of the printer, and it is also a place that many people cannot see. There are three levels of boards. One is a board modified from the inkjet printer and installed on a flatbed printer. One is made by domestic manufacturers, and the other is a board on imported equipment. The roles played by the three are completely different.

Printing Width

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